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What I teach : Violin and Piano

Location : I have a studio to teach from in Lakeside Cape Town, or I can travel to you if you are within 15 minutes drive.


Derrick | Piano and Violin



I studied piano under Mrs Cecily Samuels of Hayes Road Wynberg, from Std 2 until Matric (9 years). At the time she was the pianist at the UCT Ballet School. I became church organist at age 12 and continued playing officially up until recently. In my early adult years, I studied the organ under Colin September. Wherever I attended church, I also became the resident choir conductor as well. After Matric I studied the violin, initially under the late Max Peyer and Peter von Allman (Austria).


Thereafter I studied professionally under Gaston Niculescu (Romania) and German Ruiz (Chile) both from the CTSO. In 1977, under German Ruiz, who studied in East Germany, I successfully passed the grade 7 violin exam. In 2008 I went and taught violin at the Athlone Music Academy.


In 2012 I started my own Music Academy in Grassy Park. Over the past 7 years I’ve perfected a unique teaching methodology for both violin and piano. My approach is holistic and embraces all aspects of the music schools’ curriculum (Trinity & Royal Schools), e g bowing exercises (violin), scales, double stops (violin), technical exercises, pieces (embracing Baroque, classic, romantic, modern and contemporary genre’s), sightreading and aural exercises. I also give theory up to higher grades.


I also accompany my violin students on piano during exams and introduce accompanying pieces from the start, in this way students develop holistically very early on. This gives the student a sense of enjoyment and accomplishment from the start.

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